CurrentBusiness Version 1.3.0

This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes. This is a free update for all CurrentBusiness license holders. Below is a list of notable and new features:


  • Credit Stopout
    Brokers can now set a global stopout so clients with credit wont’t lose more money then what they have on deposit.

  • New Payment Service Providers
    China UnionPay, eMerchant Credit Cards, and Payment Asia have been integrated into CurrentBusiness.

  • MT4 Settings
    Admin users now have the ability to change the following MT4 settings within CurrentBusiness: “Account Access”, “Read Only Access”, and “Allow Platform Password Change.”

  • Funding Source Billing Terms
    Specific billing terms visible to the client can now be added for all funding sources (except NETELLER). These terms have replaced the “Helpful Tip” section on a client’s deposit and withdrawal views with multiple language support.

  • Multi-Language Support
    Both the Trader and Partner back offices now support multi-languages. This feature affected many admin areas including: Client Agreements, LPOA, KYC, Global Settings, Internal Marketing, System Notifications, and Broker Forms. For information on how to update languages for these items please open a support ticket to schedule a one-on-one training session.
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