Introducing Multi-Language Support

We have recently released a Language Library for CurrentBusiness which is available in the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Italian and Spanish.

For existing CurrentBusiness clients this new multi-language support is ready to enable at any time! The following items can now be set to utilize any language you have enabled:

  • KYC Documents
  • Client Agreements
  • Client Acknowledgements
  • Internal Marketing
  • System Notifications

Take advantage of the new Language Library and ensure your client will see these items in their preferred language. If a language you need is not listed please contact support and we will work together to get it added. Currently we are working on integrating German, Russian, and Arabic.

CurrentBusiness is our full broker management suite that includes:

  • Client Portal
  • Partner Back Office
  • Admin access to Treasury, Support, Sales, and Compliance
  • Complete CRM
  • Multi-Asset Manager (MAM)
  • Revenue Calculations
  • And much more…

CurrentBusiness is completely platform independent giving you ultimate flexibility on how you want to run your company now and in the future. The software streamlines and automates processes creating a more efficient environment for you and your staff.

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