Client Portal for Forex Brokers

Increase trader engagement with a custom branded client portal that’s pre-integrated with all your traders’ favorite payment methods.

Forex Client Portal

Create branded interactions for all your traders.

Connect with your clients by using built-in advertising space and custom notifications.

Choose language choices directly from the admin system and send out branded e-statement performance reports when needed. You’ll be able to manage your visual identity across signups, login screens, emails and deposits.

Scalable infrastructure to manage multiple platforms and thousands of clients.

Deploy enterprise-grade client portal tools without the need to build or maintain any infrastructure on your end.

Connect multiple platforms and process deposits, currency conversions, and managed account allocations with ease.

Offer your White Labels professional trader management systems to help them grow faster and be more profitable.

Streamline onboarding and collect deposits faster.

Offer custom language forms and portal interfaces to make it easier for traders to start their journey with you. Then, enable traders to make quick deposits using any of the major payment service providers that come pre-integrated into the platform.

No development needed and traders can start trading sooner.

Perform efficient and painless KYC validations.

Streamline KYC processing and account opening for traders. Whether during or post-registration, clients can share relevant documents for immediate review.

Send auto-reminders from the document center to chase incomplete document uploads and increase client approval rates.

Prove compliance without hassling your customers or administrators.


Traders can open accounts directly from your web forms, get emailed login details automatically, and make a deposit within minutes.


Deploy your enterprise-grade client portal within a few clicks. Custom brand it how you wish and easily connect it to all your platforms.


Display marketing campaign messaging with inbuilt advert placements and use the trader notifications tools to personalize and influence their activities.

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