CurrentDesk and SumSub (Auto KYC) integration

Auto KYC Provider Integration

Introducing CurrentDesk’s Integration with SumSub: Simplify KYC Process and Boost Your Business

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with SumSub, a leading provider of automated KYC solutions. This integration is designed to revolutionize your onboarding process, making it faster, more efficient, and cost-effective. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and lengthy verification procedures. Here’s how you can benefit from this exciting collaboration:

Streamlined Onboarding in Minutes

With SumSub’s automated KYC, your clients can complete the onboarding process and make their first deposit in under 3 minutes. It’s as easy as registering and logging into their portal. Once logged in, clients are prompted to undergo the auto KYC process, where they simply take a selfie, snap a photo of their ID, and optionally upload proof of address. We securely transmit this data to SumSub, and within a minute, they provide the verification result. Once approved, clients can proceed to deposit funds (subject to your system settings). This swift and seamless process ensures that your clients stay engaged and focused, increasing the likelihood of successful onboarding.

Cost-Effective Solution for Business Growth

By implementing automated KYC through SumSub, you can maximize your return on investment from online marketing efforts. With faster onboarding and reduced dropout rates, you’ll see a significant increase in the number of users joining your platform. Case studies have demonstrated how brokerages using SumSub have successfully scaled their businesses, attracting more clients while keeping costs in check.

Compliance Made Easy

SumSub is trusted by institutions worldwide to meet regulatory requirements. Their solution can be easily configured to ensure you comply with your regulator’s standards, simplifying the auditing process. Rest assured that with SumSub’s robust and reliable KYC system, you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

Pay Only for Success

One of the reasons we chose to integrate with SumSub is their unique pricing model. You only pay for successful approvals, meaning you’re not charged for unsuccessful verification attempts. This cost-effective approach benefits your business, allowing you to optimize your budget. Even if SumSub doesn’t work well in your region, you won’t incur any costs. The quick onboarding process alone is a valuable asset for your organization.

40% Cost Reduction with Automated KYC/AML

SumSub’s automated KYC system, coupled with CurrentBusiness, saves and manages client documents securely. The system even sets expiration dates for these documents. If you configure the “KYC Document Expiration” system emails, your clients will receive reminders to update their documents when needed. This feature further reduces the workload for your compliance team, freeing up their time for other essential tasks.

Protect Your Business from Fraud

SumSub’s advanced technology ensures a high level of accuracy in detecting and preventing digital fraud. By minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities, you can safeguard your organization from potential losses, enhancing the overall security of your platform.

Experience SumSub’s Solutions with a Demo

To learn more about SumSub and how their automated KYC solutions can benefit your business, simply register with them. And here’s a bonus: if you register before December 31st, 2023, you’ll receive 500 free approvals, giving you a head start in streamlining your onboarding process.

Say goodbye to manual KYC hassles and hello to a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective onboarding experience. Join us today and unlock the full potential of automated KYC with SumSub and CurrentDesk. For more info please read the auto KYC article in the support portal.


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