Partner Management and IB Portal

Provide your partners with everything they need to succeed, all from one dashboard.

Forex IB portal automation and Multi Level IB tools

Equip partners with tools that drive more revenue.

Partners can access their own portal to manage incoming leads, review their performance, and receive rebate payouts.

Automated referral links help partners to track all their sign ups and ensure they get paid accurately and on time.

CurrentDesk reporting tools help your admins focus attention on high performers and build strong relationships to keep them loyal.

Attract more account managers with flexible managed programs.

Allow account managers to accept traders onto multiple managed programs directly within your system.

Make life easier by automatically tracking high watermarks, calculating performance and management fees, and producing digital LPOA agreements all within one tool.

CurrentDesk is compatible with any 3rd party MAM plugin, but it also comes with a universal built-in MAM tool that can be configured and used within minutes.

Effortlessly manage and reward multi-level IB partnerships.

Boost your introducing broker and affiliate network with self-registration for partner accounts, full commission control and multi-tier IB trees with no level limits. Your team will have full configuration settings to be able to create and manage multiple types of partner networks with ease.

See immediate results via real-time dashboard.

Provide easy to access financial, performance and KYC document upload alerts in real-time so partners can identify processing issues.

Alerts will highlight valuable clients to look after, and automatically spot inactive traders so the partner can take action to get them trading again.

Live data reduces admin feedback tasks and means partners can quickly see their key metrics all in one place.


Help Partners and IBs to manage their entire lead generation process in one tool so they can spend more time selling and less time on admin.


Focus partner efforts with pre-made marketing resources that help your IBs use your highest converting assets for their campaigns.


Automated commission calculation means you can reward thousands of IBs accurately and on time, across multiple IB network levels.

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