Bonus Tool Module – Free Trial for 30 Days

Bonus tool

CURRENTDESK is excited to introduce its new Bonus Tool, a feature that helps brokerages incentivize clients to complete the on-boarding process, fund their accounts, and trade more.

How it works

Create bonus programs that match your marketing and sales objectives. These include: first time login, uploading KYC documents, first time deposits, repeating deposits, and a reactivation bonus for inactive clients. The Bonus Tool also supports client referral programs, giving you an edge to attract new clients – both the referrer and the referee can get bonuses!

Who it targets

You can tailor bonus programs to target specific segments of clients or events. For example, you can create bonus programs only for clients from certain countries, or for accounts of specific currencies. You can also set a time limit on bonus programs, which motivates clients to act faster.

Why it matters

The Bonus Tool calculates and manages the conversion of bonuses into balance based on the volume traded. This way, the Bonus Tool not only encourages on-boarding and deposits, but also trading, which is the main goal of every brokerage.

What it prevents

The Bonus Tool’s auto revoke policy protects your brokerage from clients who try to cheat the system. For instance, if a client withdraws funds from their account the bonus can be revoked. Another useful feature is the bonus/credit stop-out, which prevents clients from losing more than their actual equity.


For more details on this feature, see our Bonus Programs Article. If you are interested in using the new Bonus Tool module, please contact CurrentDesk Support to have it enabled for your organization.

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