CurrentBusiness Version 1.7.7

This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes. Below is a list of notable and new features:


  • Partner Registration API
    Register both Introducing Brokers and Asset Managers with the Partner Registration API.

  • Documents API
    Upload documents to any client’s Misc Documents with the Documents API.

  • Auto Lead Assignment
    A new Advanced Settings feature called “Auto Lead Assignment” can assign leads automatically to teams based on regions. Once enabled you can define per team how you want leads assigned.

  • E-Statements
    Send automated daily E-Statements to clients with trading and/or managed accounts.
    *Contact your account manager to enable this feature.

  • Transaction Alerts
    When approving deposits a new alert will warn admins that the client hasn’t made a deposit in more than 12 months and/or their initial deposit exceeds the amount submitted during registration.

  • Client Flags
    Client Flags can be assigned to clients via their details page. These flags are displayed on all transactions in CurrentBusiness. The name of the flags can be customized in Advanced Settings.

  • Shared Managed Account Programs
    You can now share Managed Account Programs between Partners. This allows clients of any Partner to have access to any Managed Account Program shared between the Partners.

  • Partner Leads
    A new Partner Leads section has been added allowing Partners to see and manage their leads.

  • BCC Partners & Sales Reps
    A new System Email BCC feature has been created allowing admins to manage who receives a BCC of client System Emails.

  • Sales Team Report
    This new report provides detailed information on how Sales Teams are performing daily and/or per custom date range. Enable this report it in: Role > Report Permissions

  • Credit Report
    This new report allows you to see how much credit clients have and the total time it has been on their account. Enable this report it in: Role > Report Permissions

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