Introducing CurrentRisk: Real-Time Trade Reconciliation and Position Monitoring


Here at CurrentDesk we are proud to introduce our real-time trade reconciliation and position monitoring solution called CurrentRisk. CurrentRisk was designed specifically to help brokers solve some of the major issues faced today within the Forex community. Here we will discuss a few of those issues and how CurrentRisk works to improve brokerages.

Unwanted Exposure Due to Third-Party Technology Failures

With the rapid growth of the retail broker marker there are often communication errors between trading platforms (frontend) and the aggregation tool (backend). These errors create unwanted exposure, which may lead to excessive losses. To give an example: A small broker may easily have trades in the magnitude of $1M per ticket. Should a trade error occur on such a trade then a $1M exposure would be created. The market can easily move 1 cent in less than an hour, possibly even in a few minutes. This unwanted exposure from a single trade may easily cause a broker $10K in losses. When technology failures happen can be failure on multiple tickets. Such uncertainty is unacceptable for a financial institution and as such, reconciliation becomes imperative to running such a business.

CurrentRisk is the first frontend to backend reconciliation tool on the market. All existing tools reconcile the aggregator to the banks because they were developed for banks. Finally a solution has been created with brokers in mind. CurrentRisk is a complete and platform independent reconciliation tool that allows a broker to manage the entire life cycle of a trade in real-time.

A-Book and B-Book Monitoring

The Forex broker market has evolved into a hybrid model of A and B-Books where clients look for tight execution and assurance that their trades are going through to the market. With this new model, brokers now realize their margins are much tighter and even minor exposure can cost them a significant amount of equity.

CurrentRisk helps brokers manage risk by providing both A-Book and B-Book monitoring. With CurrentRisk brokers can simultaneously match net positions at multiple liquidity providers and prime brokers with the net positions on trading platforms. They can also match B-Book positions with risk parameters entered by a risk manager on a per position basis. Once a parameter is breached the risk manager is alerted via visual, audio, and email alerts.

CurrentRisk Summary

With CurrentRisk brokers can now stay in control of any exposure and have the peace of mind that issues can be resolved quickly. Follow us to hear more about the many other features that CurrentRisk offers.

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