Forex Trader Statistics [Infographic]

What we know about investors who trade Forex

One of the best ways to make sure you’re giving your clients what you want is to make sure you know as much about them as possible. To help you understand more about forex traders, we dug through data from dozens of academic journals and banking institutions to bring you the research you need.

This infographic shows some of the most interesting facts from The Retail Spot Foreign Exchange Market Structure and Participants by Dr. John Forman, a forex expert with a PhD whose research focuses on behavioral finance.

Forex Trader Infographic

Here are a few ideas on using this information to improve your services and client relationships.

  • Consider the attractiveness of speculation when creating marketing materials.
  • Offer educational materials related to technical analysis to support clients.
  • Instruct financial advisors to discuss other products with clients to encourage them to expand the services that they use.
  • Use a professional tone when creating both marketing and educational materials.
  • Focus on trading hours, transaction costs, leverage amounts, and liquidity when introducing forex products to new clients.

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