What to Look for in a Client Cabinet

6 forex trader’s room software features you need

The primary way your forex clients interact with you is through the client cabinet, sometimes called a trader’s room, in your forex software. For your brokerage to be a success, your trader’s room must remove barriers to client registration and make it easy for clients to make trades.

Here are six features you must have in your client cabinet.

1. Appealing user interface

Your client cabinet must include all those tools that traders need. However, simply including those tools isn’t enough.

The design of the software needs to be appealing. An appealing design means the software should look good and be easy to navigate. The design features should make it simple for traders to find the tools you’re providing them.

Accessible, attractive software will prevent traders from giving up or from looking for another broker because your tool is too confusing.

2. Multilingual

Traders need to trust your brokerage and feel comfortable using the client cabinet. One of the simplest ones to make traders comfortable is to provide tools in their preferred language. Offer Multilingual Tool

Your client cabinet should be multilingual so that clients can select the language that they want to use. This feature will also make it easier for you to attract leads from other regions.

3. Simple document upload

One of the largest impediments to client onboarding is obtaining and verifying all a new client’s KYC documents. If you speed up this process, clients can start making trades more quickly.

Your client cabinet should make it simple for you to request documents from a lead and for the lead to upload them. A software tool with a file management feature and some cloud storage will save you and your clients time in the KYC process.

4. Integrated with PSPs

After new clients set up their accounts, your trader’s room should make it simple for them to fund those accounts.

Client cabinets that are already integrated with payment service providers (PSPs) save you on time on setting up your system. It also makes deposits and withdrawals easy and fast for your clients.

Integrate with PSPs

5. Integrated CRM

In addition to being integrated with PSPs, your client cabinet should be integrated with your forex CRM and back office software. Having an integrated software system offers several benefits.

The more connected your client area and your CRM are, the easier it will be to track data related to clients’ trading activity. The more data you have, the better you can tailor products and offers to clients so that they increase the frequency and size of their trades.

6. Platform independent

Although MT4 is still the most popular trading platform for forex brokers, MT5 and ZuluTrade are quickly gaining traction. Your client cabinet needs to accommodate multiple trading platforms so that when different platforms become popular, your brokerage is ready to adapt.

A platform-independent client cabinet and back office system will ensure that you can offer forex investors the trading experience that they want without needing to invest in additional software or experiencing downtime if you switch systems.

When thinking about how to increase your profits, it’s important to consider the experience you offer your existing clients. Providing an excellent client cabinet is one of the easiest ways to ensure your clients have a positive experience when interacting with the services you offer. A good trader’s room can also make running your business easier.

To learn more about the client area in CurrentBusiness, contact us. If you’d like to read more ways to retain clients, read these seven tips for brokers.

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