New Partner – RTNS

RTNS, a global leader in trade messaging, has added CurrentDesk to the list of authorized partners it exposes its API for the purpose of trade confirmation messaging.

CurrentDesk has successfully met RTNS’s rigorous UAT testing, and as such has been approved to connect to RTNS production environment to receive trade confirmations notifications from Liquidity Providers via RTNS for the purpose of reconciliation. This is great news of CurrentDesk, as it allows the company’s advanced realtime reconciliation system, CurrentRisk, to seamlessly connect to virtually every major liquidity provider or aggregation system on the market, thus reducing integration times and costs for brokers.

Ron Singer, director of integration at CurrentDesk said, “CurrentRisk has begun utilizing its connectivity to RTNS for broker clients for the purpose of reconciliation. The connection has been seamless and extremely stable to the satisfaction of both parties, with no interruptions thus far in the production environment. We attribute this to the quality of the technologies and dedication of the staff at both RTNS and at CurrentDesk.”