The Forex CRM that boosts your brokerage growth

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As a Forex broker, you’re continually looking for new clients and ways to increase trader retention. Finding new leads is hard enough, but keeping clients engaged is even harder. That’s why you need CurrentDesk.

Get the Forex CRM used by hundreds of the world’s leading brokers. Read on to see how it can help you to grow revenues and make more impactful decisions.

The broker management platform

CurrentDesk is a complete broker management platform with a CRM (customer relationship management) system built specifically for brokers.

It integrates seamlessly with all your platforms and providers and it’s ready to help you process leads the minute it’s deployed.

CurrentDesk contains:

The FX CRM for growth

Faster lead processing for more conversions:

Processing leads and passing them quickly to your sales reps increases conversion rates.

  1. Instantly track lead flows from all your websites.
  2. Accurately manage affiliate links and Multi level IB attribution.
  3. Automatically route leads based on custom admin settings.

Retain more clients and grow revenue:

Keeping track of customer sentiment and their activity helps improve retention and long term profitability.

  1. Track all actions, trades and support activities in the customer portal.
  2. Know who is active, inactive or at risk of leaving your brokerage.
  3. Flag contacts for retention campaigns at the click of a button.

Centralized brokerage control:

Connecting data from all platforms, providers and systems into one control center helps you make more effective business decisions.

  1. Connect multiple servers, PSPs and trading platforms.
  2. Fine tune your operations with a single control panel.
  3. Get real time insight on how to make your brokerage grow faster.

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