CurrentDesk joins forces with RPNpay to help protect financial institutions against fraud, disputes and abuse.

CurrentDesk, known for its leading financial business management software, has teamed up with RPNpay, a pioneering force in the Asia payments industry. Their combined expertise has lead to the launch of DisputeWatch – an exclusive, invite only, community-driven dispute registry designed to prevent fraudulent financial transactions before they happen.

DisputeWatch enables your business to put a stop to the ever-increasing problem of transactional fraud by alerting you of suspicious clients that have the potential to cause serious financial harm to your business. It’s a water-tight system that stops fraud, disputes and abuse before they happen. DisputeWatch achieves this by allowing you to create a watchlist, it then triangulates your data against the dispute registry while constantly monitoring for potential dispute matches.

Travis Dahm, co-founder and Director of Business Development at CurrentDesk stated “We always strive not only to create software but also to create solutions. In the case of DisputeWatch the solution is eliminating fraud which is something everyone at CurrentDesk has been highly driven to accomplish”. Fred Lum, Founder of RPNpay added “A service such as DisputeWatch is long overdue for any financial based industry. After speaking with Travis it was natural to team up and get it done.

DisputeWatch has already amassed an impressive list of community members such as Pepperstone, AvaTrade, USGFX, IC Markets, GKFX, One Financial Markets, ADS Securities, INFINOX, CAPXM and Amana Capital just to name a few. The service at present is invite only, however for a limited time an invitation can be requested via Keep any eye out for CurrentDesk at iFX EXPO (May 23-24 Limassol, Cyprus) where they will be showcasing the full DisputeWatch platform.

About CurrentDesk
CurrentDesk develops innovative software solutions to support brokerage and trading operations. The company’s founders have leveraged their diverse operational and technical expertise to build software solutions that address the challenges brokers face on a daily basis.
CurrentDesk designs its solutions tactically to reduce workloads, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. Their products CurrentRisk and CurrentBusiness are widely used across the industry and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.
As the industry evolves, CurrentDesk is committed to innovation to meet the industry’s changing needs.

About RPNpay
RPNpay understands how important an exceptional Payment Service Provider (PSP) is to their clients.
RPNpay supports guaranteed same-day settlements, full sustainability and total security. Their Asia payments expertise and ability to work in high-risk industries all contribute to their immaculate retention rate. Their wealth of industry knowledge is something they share with all their clients in order to enable their businesses to grow as much as possible. RPNpay is the PSP that is a trusted partner in Asia and supports the fastest payments in the business.