CurrentBusiness Version 1.4.3

This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes. Below is a list of notable and new features:


  • One-Step API
    25 Custom API Fields have been added to the One-Step Trader API. Use these custom fields to pass any additional information you would like. A new Custom Fields section is now available on the Trader details page. This section can be “enabled” or “disabled” for each user role. There is a new “Global Settings” section called “API Settings” where you can customize field names.

  • Detailed Partner Report
    A new “Detailed Partner Report” has been added which calculates revenue on a trade by trade basis. This report is now available in both Admin and Partner back offices.

  • Fee Group Report
    A new “Fee Group Report” has been added which generates a list of clients with both their CurrentBusiness and Trading Platform Fee Groups.

  • Non-API System Email
    New System Emails have been created for Non-API Funding Sources. “Withdrawal” system emails can now be created for a Non-API Funding Source.

  • Account Creation Advanced Setting
    Admins now have the ability to define when clients can create Trading Accounts based on client account and deposit status.

  • Additional Languages
    Two new languages have been added: Polish and Swedish.

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