CurrentBusiness Version 1.1.9

This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes. This is a free update for all CurrentBusiness license holders. Below is a list of notable and new features:


  • Denied Client Request Note
    When denying a client request an associated note is now created with the reason for denial and the transaction number of the request that was denied.

  • Partner Access Levels
    There are now two access level options for Partners. The “Limited” option does not allow Partners to access client details, while “Full Access” grants Partners complete access to client details.

  • Authorized Admin IP Addresses
    Authorized IP addresses can now be defined in Global Settings. This allows restricting admin access to IP addresses that are explicitly defined.

  • Test System Emails
    When creating system emails there is a new feature where a test email can be sent to any email address.

  • Leverage System Emails
    Two new system emails have been added: Leverage Request Pending and Leverage Request Denied.

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