CurrentBusiness Version 1.3.2

This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes. Below is a list of notable and new features:


  • Non-API Funding Source
    This new Funding Source allows clients to make a deposit/withdrawal within CurrentBusiness by being redirected to a different url to complete the deposit/withdrawal. This is great for payment service providers that are currently not integrated into CurrentBusiness allowing clients to execute transactions with alternative funding methods.

  • Charge Per Million
    In many cases brokers charge commissions per lot, however to present a more institutional offering brokers wish to charge their clients on a per USD basis. CurrentBusiness now calculates the per USD commission and IB rebates on commission for both FOREX and CFD and displays the commission/rebates in the denomination of the account they are being charged to.

  • Missing Symbol Notifications
    A new System Notification has been created to alert admins if a symbol is missing after the daily revenue calculation is completed. This notification will display the group, symbol and order id associated with the missing symbol.