5 Tips for Attending iFX Expo Asia

Conference advice for first-time attendees

Five Tips for Attending iFX Expo Asia

The iFX Expo in Hong Kong is always an excellent event to attend if you’re in forex, crypto, or another financial service industry. We love it because of the opportunity to learn about new trends in the industry, meet with clients, and network with other B2B companies. However, it can be a bit overwhelming for first-time attendees.

If it will be your first time attending the IFX Expo in Hong Kong, we have some tips to help you make the most of your experience!

Connect on LinkedIn before iFX

One of the best reasons to attend iFX is to network. You can look at the list of attendees on the website to see who is going to be at the conference. If you would like to meet with any attendees, send them a request to connect on LinkedIn as early as possible.

Connecting will make it easy to send them an invitation to a meeting. Connecting early will also help show that you’re genuinely interested in meeting with them and not simply sending requests to prospect for potential leads before the event.

Attend iFX Expo Parties

iFX Asia opens with a welcome party the night before workshops begin and has an evening party at the end of the first day. These parties are a good chance for you to relax a little and have some fun.

Take advantage of this chance to take a break from business talk and get to know your colleagues a bit better.

Attend iFX Expo workshops

Each iFX Expo includes dozens of workshops. Topics cover everything from cryptocurrency as an international payment method to managing IBs. These workshops give you the chance to hear from industry experts about trends and discuss those trends with people from across the financial sector.

Check out the agenda for the event and pick at least one workshop to attend. Then, schedule meetings around that.

Prepare to take home IFX Expo swag

Vendors with booths at the conference give away a wide variety of swag with their logos and info on it. You’ll be able to pick up everything from t-shirts to phone chargers while you’re at iFX Asia. With all that free merchandise, you might run out of room in your suitcase when it’s time to pack to go home.

If you’re excited to bring home swag from Finance Magnates or Amana, leave a little extra room in your suitcase when you’re packing for your trip.

Use the Lounges at the iFX event

Although the iFX Expo is only a couple of days long, it includes a lot of activities. If you take our advice and attend the parties, you may not get much sleep, Late nights and busy days can leave you exhausted, and make it difficult to focus when you’re in meetings or workshops.

The lounges in the venue offer a place to sit back and a break without going all the way back to your hotel room. Use the lounges to get in little breaks throughout the day so that you stay refreshed.

The iFX Expo in Asia is one of our favorite conferences, so we’ll have a booth set up to answer questions about CurrentBusiness and DisputeWatch. If you’re looking for a forex CRM, want to protect against fraud, or just like our blog and want to chat, stop by and see us at booth 46. We’ll be on the wall near the lunch area, and we’ll have some swag for you!